Byala it is located almost equidistant from regional cities Varna (56 km) and Burgas (70 km). The nearest town is Obzor, which is located 5 km away. The city is relatively calm and offers to its visitors the opportunity for a relaxing holiday. The village has a rich history dating back to the 4th century BC, when its name was Aspros.

On the beach is located the paleo-geological tourist attraction White Cliffs. In Byala and the region have found traces of the layer that wrapped the earth, when the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs impact. The traces are dating according to scientists from more than 65 000 million Years.

The oldest existing church today in Byala is “Sv.Prepodobna Martyr Paraskeva”. She is built in 1840/41 year from the residents of Byala by the current laws of the Ottoman Empire. At that time the temple of the Orthodox Christians it could not be higher than the growth of a Turk with fez, climbed on his horse and does not differ in exterior architecture of the other buildings in the village. In 2013 the restoration was carried out over the 170-year-old temple.

On the territory of Byala has built another temple. The church “Assumption” is dated from 1876. In October 2001, the idea of ​​patriotic Bulgarians was established Foundation “Faith, Hope, Love” in Byala, which in 2003 managed to raise funds to start construction on the new church. After the old temple has been completely destroyed in its place began the construction of a new one in September 2003. At present the Church “Assumption” it is completely built.

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