The resort recreation area Elenite, is located east of the top resort Sunny Beach, 50 km. north of Burgas. The nearest seaside resort is Sveti Vlas.

Holiday Resort “Elenite” is designed as a park and consists of luxury detached bungalows and villas surrounded by greenery. The resort has its own beach with a length of about 800 m. with sun beds and umbrellas, several luxurious restaurants, sports courts, tennis courts and water sports facilities. Nearby is the camping Sveti Vlas, there is opportunity for accommodation in bungalows and tents.

Elenite is young resort built for family vacations and hiking club. The holiday village is suitable for relaxing and romantic vacation in the beauty of nature.

Elenite offers entertainment for every taste. In addition to surf, paddle or jet, you can enjoy horseback riding, to train in a gym, playing tennis, golf, bowling or billiards. Furthermore, the resort offers excellent opportunities for late-night fiestas in entertainment bars and discos.

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