Kavarna is located on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 63 km northeast of Varna. The beautiful coast of Kavarna spreads 42 km and the total area of ​​the beaches is 74,000 square meters. The population of Kavarna is about 11,000 people.

In the area are found traces of human activity dating from the third millennium BC. Greek settlers from Mesemvria (present-day Nessebar) form the Bizone colony in the area. Today in the cape Chirakman, which is 3 km south of Kavarna, are the ruins of the wall, built in IV c. AD. In Antiquity and the middle Ages the town was an important economic and cultural center. In the XIV century. Karvuna (Kavarna) and the nearby town of Kaliakra were the main towns of Karvuna principality. After the XV century the medieval town Karvuna gets its name Kavarna.

In 1913, the city fell under Romanian occupation, and in 1940 it is returned to the territory of Bulgaria.

Kavarna rock fest

Today Kavarna is known as the “Rock capital of Bulgaria” the city brings together the world famous rock musicians every summer. The festival “Kavarna Rock Fest” started in 2006 and so far it participated Scorpions, Dream Theater, Tarja, Doro, Heaven and Hell, Motörhead, Manowar and many other famous rock singers and groups.

The region hosts are some of the most picturesque beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Only 20 km away is the resort “Rusalka” with its beautiful rocky coast. Nearby is the cape Kaliakra – the easternmost point on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In one of the caves of the cape has a museum where its visitors can learn more about the history and development of Kaliakra fortress over the years. Kaliakra is a natural and archeological wildlife sanctuary on its territory there are many protected species are preserved the remains of the wall and bathroom.

2 km from the village of Kamen Bryag is the national archaeological wildlife sanctuary “Yailata” where are madid many archaeological discoveries. On an area of ​​300 ha were found three necropolis carved into the rocks and 101 cave dwellings from the V century BC. “Yailata” is situated between two seaside terraces. The fortress was built in the late V – early VI c. AD. The wildlife sanctuary is included in the register of protected areas of Bulgaria by Order of 23.08.2002, the No.RD822

North of the cape are two wetlands – Bolata and Taukliman ( “Bird Bay”). Here nesting waterfowl interesting and some species included in the Red Book of Bulgaria (a list of endangered species in the country). These are some of the destinations in the country preferred by ornithologists.

In addition to beautiful beaches and historical landmarks, Kavarna and the region attract its tourists with traditional events like the “Mussel and Fish Fest”, “Week of the Sea,” “Kavarna Rock Fest” and others.

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