Located on a peninsula jutting out into the sea about 5 kilometers. Thanks to its convenient location (10- 15 min. From Burgas airport), the lay of the area (flat), the availability of affordable and easy indulging rental properties, not the deep sea and healing mud, makes the place ideal for family holidays.

The ancient name of the city is Anhialos, founded in the 5th century BCE by Greeks inhabiting then Apollonia today’s Sozopol. From ’29 BCE was under the control of Rome, and thereafter Byzantium. The millennial history of Byzantine is replete with raids and destruction of Goths, Slavs, Avars and Bulgarians. In 1336 the city passed under the control of the Venetians, and in 1453 g. under the Turks.

After the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, the city is not part of the new state, but within the autonomous Eastern Rumelia. After the unification of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia in 1886, began the process of Bulgarisation of the city.

In 1934 the town name was changed to Pomorie. From ancient times the land in and around the city yields salt – that was the biggest production in the Balkans. Since 2004, the city held the annual International Festival of Orthodox Music “St. Bogoroditsa- Truly Meet”, which gathers choirs from Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Georgia and others.

Today, Pomorie is very attractive not only for those wishing to spend their vacation here, but for all who wishing to indulge in treatments. The mild climate, proximity to the airport and the town Bourgas, attract more foreigners to acquire real estate in the city.

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