The small village of Ravda is situated between Nessebar and Aheloy, 28 km away north of Bourgas, and only 1 kilometer from the main road.

Ravda, along with the area that separates it from the town of Nessebar is a summer resort, formerly known for its many children and student camps.

Today, Ravda is a sea resort with private hotels and apartments, has several large, beautiful and clean beach bays, extending to the neighboring town of Nessebar. The village offers various sports facilities and beaches with fine sand, lifeguards, beach umbrellas and sun loungers. In the summer there are sports schools sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, canoeing and swimming. Ravda is known as a favorite place for children, youth and student recreation. Ecologically clean and pure beach resort with fresh air are important conditions for a peaceful family vacation.

In Ravda has a great selection of family hotels, private rooms and boarding, there are several youth complex of bungalows. The village has many restaurants, pubs, taverns and beer bars offers different types of international cuisine and fish specialties.

Regular bus lines to Bourgas (30 min) and Sunny Beach and Nessebar (20 min).


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