Sozopol is a town in southeastern Bulgaria. It is located 36 km away. south of Bourgas. It situated on the Black Sea coast on a small peninsula. In close proximity to Sozopol is located the largest Bulgarian island in the Black Sea – St. Ivan. Archaeological excavations there in 2010 found the relics of St. John the Baptist.

Sozopol is one of the most visited and beautiful Bulgarian resorts.


Sozopol is one of the most ancient coastal cities. He appeared in the 7th century BC. under the name Apollonia. Merchant ships sailed from here to Greece to transport grain, honey, wax, leather and pets, and vice versa supplied Greek wine, olive oil, textiles and others.

In ancient times, the city was famous that here in 520 BC They were produced silver coins. In 330 Apollonia changed his name to Sozopol is (city of salvation). Here in the quiet bay, navigators found their shelter. Specialists connect the town with the spread of Christianity in these lands.

Modern Sozopol is an attractive place for Bulgarian and foreign tourists. There are numerous restaurants, taverns, bars, discos, amusement facilities in the city, that care for the good mood of the tourists.



  • The old part of the city – architectural and archaeological reserve.
  • Thracian fortresses in the area Bakarlaka
  • Ancient necropolis
  • The walls from 6-14th century
  • Churches – one of which is “St. Mary,” which is a cultural monument and is under the protection of UNESCO.
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Chapels
  • Art Gallery
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