Advantages of Arco Real Estate

  1. Individual approach to customers in solving all the problems associated with buying property in Bulgaria.

Our specialists work primarily in the interest of the buyer. To make a purchase, we select methods and schemes that will satisfy the most demanding customers. The long experience of the real estate market in Bulgaria, the huge database, as well as international experience in real estate gives us confidence that there are no problems with the purchase of property that we can not solve.

  1. Compliance with international quality standards

Our company uses a binding international standards in customer service, which certainly affects the quality of service. Compliance with international standards enables us to provide professional services to our customers, regardless of their geographical location. Before starting their work, our professionals undergo specific tests and refresher courses, which significantly affects the quality of services provided.

  1. Information Services

Specially developed for the needs of the agency database system allows for fast process optimization – Search by customer request, a contract to coordinate the details of the contract of sale of real estate seller. All information is available to customers at any stage of the selection of real estate.

  1. Clearly fixing agreement

In coordinating intermediary contract with customers, our specialists reflect all the conditions in the contract as clear. Although this leads to additional costs of time, thanks to these actions we can protect the interests of its clients. Statistics show that about 99 percent of transactions carried out by us pass without complications.

  1. Constant development

Our company does not stand still and constantly improving existing schemes of customer service. In addition, we constantly seek and develop new options which enables our customers to rely on minimal risk when buying property.

  1. Carefully, responsive to each client

The company Arco Real Estate aims to become a permanent partner of our customers, so we promise 100% transparency at every stage of our work. Our business relationships are built on the principles of mutual respect and trust. We respect and value the trust of our customers.

Our experts never take on tasks that can not be solved. We do not promise the impossible, because openness and fairness are fundamental principles of our company.

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