Bulgaria is a unique country with great historical heritage, incredible rich nature and people of good character.

In Bulgaria there are several large nature reserves, which are very popular among tourists. In the three national parks in the mountains of Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina are eleven natural parks, including parks “Vitosha”, “Blue Rocks”, “Strandja”, “Rila Monastery” more than eighty reserves, including the stand “Chuprene” and “Srebarna” – one of the main resources of the country.

The “Srebarna” has about a hundred species of waterfowl, so they called this reserve “Avian Eldorado” in Pirin, you can find many rare and endangered plant species.

Natural Park “Rila Monastery” is a large nature reserve next to one of the main cultural attractions in Bulgaria – “Rila Monastery”. If you have enough time you can not only visit the complex, but to make a walk along one of the trails of the park, where you can find about 30 lakes, including those that are part of Seven Rila Lakes.

Seven Lakes in Rila Mountain – unique water of glacial origin, named according to their shapes. The first three lakes – Tear, Eye and Kidney – drain each separately in Gemini, from which the water passes through Trefoil, Fish and Lower Lake. In the last two lakes already runs a more powerful stream that flowing out of the bottom lake, launches a Dzhurman River (left tributary of the Struma).

Thracian tomb and the Madara Horseman are on the territory of the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve Madara.

The tomb has been created around the 3rd century BC and is well preserved. Especially interesting frescoes and female figures carved in stone.

Madara Horseman is a legacy from a completely different culture, in the form of a rider on horseback dates back to the 8th century. It is believed that this is the image of one of Bulgarian khans.

Bulgaria has about 500 Orthodox monasteries this number does not include individual churches, cathedrals and chapels. Most religious buildings in the vicinity of Sofia.

Rose Valley is an area in Bulgaria, situated south of the Balkan Mountains and north of Sarnena Average forest, received its name in the mid-19th century traditions in the cultivation of oil rose.

In the Valley of Roses every year in early June noted the Rose Festival.

In the town of Kazanlak, considered the capital of the Rose Valley was built historical-ethnographic complex “Kulata”, where tourists can watch primitive rose and taste the products of oil rose. There is a specialized Rose Museum.

The Rila monastery is located in the Rila and is 120 km away from the capital.

Rila monastery is located in southwestern Bulgaria. It was founded in the tenth century by St. Ivan Rilski, in the upper reaches of the Rila river.

Rila Monastery is one of the most important cultural monuments in Bulgaria, a symbol of Bulgaria, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

For lovers of active recreation resorts in Bulgaria offer an incredible variety of entertainment for all ages. Especially popular are the water park near Sunny Beach, Varna Dolphinarium, jeep safaris and of course so beloved by tourists restaurants in national style, cafes, bars, discos, nightclubs. In endless sandy beaches you can drive on ATV, look at the sea with a parachute or take the opportunity to enjoy the ocean depths with an experienced instructor – diver. Boat ride or a pleasure boat, is also a popular activity for tourists. Fans of fishing will be pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to go fishing with an experienced instructor in the open sea, but hunters know that there is nothing better than to spend the night after a great day in the hut in the forest on the lake.

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