The purchase process

Foreigners can buy a real estate in Bulgaria without problem. This process is facilitated and organized so foreigner buyers should not have any problems at every stage of the purchase. Our company offers an algorithm that makes the purchase affordable and reliable.

At first it is important to know what type of property you want to buy: a real estate by the sea, in a big city, the countryside or in the mountains. Our website will help you orient yourself at the market of real estate in the most attractive investment locations.

Once you are familiar with our offer, contact our consultant who will give you detailed information about the property, will tell you about the region and will prepare several proposals that meet your specifications.

The next stage is the preparation of “Viewing Trip“. It is necessary to make a request on our website and specify dates convenient for you to make a Property inspection. All other matters related to transfers, accommodation and organization of inspections are the responsibility of your consultant. When you buy a property your personal expenses will be compensated as is indicated in the “Inspection”.

To perform inspections of the chosen objects will require 3 to 4 days. That’s enough time to look at more than 20 properties and make your choice.

Buying property consists of several stages:

  1. Payment of deposit for the property you selected – from 1500 to 2000 Euros have to be paid to the Seller, to stop the object of sale. This amount is included in the value of the property and shall be negotiated in advance. The deposit can be paid with a card or electronically, after you return home.
  2. The signing of the preliminary agreement to purchase the property in, in which it will be described in details the parameters of the transaction: type and parameters of the property, property price, payment method and others.
  3. Terms of the transaction. Our consultants will participate in each stage of the transaction, including clearance deed. The interest of the Buyer are a priority for us. Our legal department will verify the “weights” of the property before signing the preliminary contract and immediately before the transaction with a notary.
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