Actual conditions and requirements of the bank when applying for housing ( mortgage ) loan for Russian citizens to 09/01/2013

Housing loan for Russian citizens is intended for adults and paying Russian citizens with employment in Russia , working under an employment contract . Minimum age of 21. By the final maturity date of the loan, the borrower’s age should not exceed 65 years.

The bank can only provide a fully finished objects with a certificate of commissioning (Act 16), the monolithic structure . The maximum loan amount is 70 % of the cost of providing a particular bank .

The maximum repayment period is 25 years , and the minimum – 5 years.

Interest on loans for the citizens of Russia are 9.25% for loans in EUR.


* Mortgage on the property.

* A deposit of 6 monthly contributions ( principal and interest) that are blocked on the client’s account at the bank

* Required proprietary insurance mortgaged property under the mortgage – the customer can choose the best offer, issued and administered by the bank.

When applying for a loan you must submit the following documents:

* The application for a mortgage loan (sample bank)

* Power of attorney for the sample bank with certification by a notary public (in this case , if the certification is made ​​to foreign notary , power of attorney required to have a certification of an apostille * ) .

* Identification documents .

* Certificate of income issued by the employer , or a document to other sources of steady income (which is expected to receive over the term of the loan ) . The documents should reflect the size of the income and acknowledge that he had done continuously for the last 3 months prior to the submission of the application for a loan – the original.

* Statement of cash flows on bank accounts in the last year or for the period of the last 6 months preceding the date of making application for a loan.

* On the initiative of the candidate for a loan – the documents of personal investment initiatives – investment in pension funds, trust funds , purchase of securities , etc. (requires apostille) .

* A preliminary agreement to buy real estate

* Tax return for the last year

* The market estimate, made by a licensed appraiser , real estate serving as collateral for the loan .

* Document on marital status .

* Certificate from the National Bureau of Kreditnh Stories

* Competent representation – candidate for a loan on their own or through real estate development company in the country should enter into a contract for representation in the territory of Bulgaria ( based on the model of the power of attorney of the bank) with a local company that specializes in the sales of real estate, or with a construction company .

Mortgage – step by step!


The application for a mortgage loan begins with the fact that you provide us with detailed information about your financial condition and the property you want to preobresti.Chtoby provide us with the necessary information , please fill in the application – profile.

2 . Obtaining the consent of the original bank to issue a mortgage.

After receiving the completed form , we will select useful information and follow up with banks offering mortgage products , according to your wishes .

The result may be :

a) failure ;

b) You will be classified as a potential recipient of a mortgage loan for the purchase of your chosen property . , and the bank will provide a letter of the original loan agreement .

Receipt of the letter of the original loan agreement may take up to 15 days, during which may require additional proof of the accuracy of the information provided by you in the application form / passport copy , proof of income , employment contract , etc. / .

The administrative fee for obtaining a bank letter of credit the original agreement is 100 Euro . In case of failure , the rate , the size of 100 Euros will be restored.

Therefore, no risk financially, you have the ability to set the amount and terms of the mortgage, you could get in Bulgaria.

3.Preparation of documents for submission to the Bank .

When you receive a letter from the Bank of the initial agreement of mortgage loan if you want to proceed , you need to pay an administrative fee in the amount of 400 Euros, which will serve for the full acquisition and preparation of documents for submission to the Bank , as well as , to issue a power of attorney , which allows us to be your official representative before the appropriate authorities for the registration of the mortgage . We provide you with the power of attorney , the relevant conditions of the Bank. The power of attorney must be certified by a notary public or Bulgarian in the Bulgarian embassy in your country.

After that , having collected a full set of documents , we will provide it to the Bank , the Bank for the adoption of a final decision to grant a mortgage.

Administrative fee Bank of surface starts from 100 to 400 Euros. This charge will cover necessary for the procedure , the cost / fee including designated Bank expert otsenitelya / .

The basic list of documents :

1.Copy of applicant’s passport / translated and legalized by a notary or a Bulgarian in the Bulgarian embassy in your country / .

2.Application requesting the loan , signed by the applicant or his duly accredited representative , who will represent the applicant to the Bank , and who will sign a contract of agreement for a loan .

3.Declaration citizenship and property status , according to the requirements of the Bank, signed personally by the applicant.

4 . The power of attorney , certified by a notary public or in Bulgarian Bulgarian Embassy in your country.

5.Documents indicating the ownership of the apartment which will used as collateral for a mortgage loan. / These documents must be provided by the seller / .

6. Certificate, indicating that passed in the mortgage housing is free from any restrictions (encumbrances ) of rights to it, including the rights of third parties.

7. Documents on income and credit history of the applicant, legalized according to the requirements of the bank providing the loan.

4 . The signing of an extradition treaty mortgage.

The whole process of documentation for obtaining a mortgage can take about 2 to 6 months. To achieve a positive outcome, we will assist you in choosing the right mortgage product for you.

After reviewing all the documents , the bank notifies the customer via New Estate of rezultate.I , if the consent of the bank’s lending, the customer must pay the agency New Estate 300 euros – commission before the bank transfer the money to the customer.

All documents are issued by the bank in Bulgaria, and accordingly, the Bulgarian langauge. Upon request and expense of the customer, they can be translated into English or Russian languages ​​.

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