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As one of the leading companies operating on the real estate market in Bulgaria, Arco Real Estate acquires invaluable experience in purchasing and renting of real estates. The active presence of the company in the real estate’s sector form 2006, combined with long experience of our irreplaceable collaborators, allow us to observe many turning points of the real estate market in Bulgaria. In the process of our work with various Bulgarian and foreign investors and entrepreneurs, there was a need of professional counseling for their projects to optimize them, reduce the risk and achieve maximum revenue. For this reason, a few years ago we realized the need to ensure the quality of services of this kind, for it attracted specialists from high level to create the necessary organization. The company also has invested and built several projects in Sofia, during the global crisis, which enable us to render invaluable assistance to those who wish to invest in real estate.

 The Bulgarian market has its own specifics. That’s why it’s important to trust the professionals who can provide  analysis, predictions, realistic assessment, as well as advices to investors about the state of the market, purchasing  power, competition and more.
Integrated solutions for builders and investors. It doesn’t matter that you are aspiring Construction Company or an  established investor in the industry, we can be helpful. Using an elaborate system for project management, always  reach maximum efficiency and returns and also calculated risk.

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