Arco Real Estate execute evaluations of all types of assets – from whole portfolios and complex mixed-use projects in commercial, office and industrial properties to individual homes.

Land evaluations, specialized property, machinery and equipment, entire companies or parts thereof, and other intangible assets are part of our daily work.

The methods we use include the most advanced approaches to determine the market value:

  • Comparable sales or rentals – Suitable for residents / users of the assets
  • Revenue value – Suitable for assets used to generate income
  • Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) – a comprehensive analysis of the major assets that generate cash flow dynamic
  • Direct capitalization – suitable for simple objects with a constant cash flow
  • Residual value – Suitable for land and unfinished projects
  • Depreciated replacement / real value – Suitable for assets that rarely, if ever, sold and determining the insurable value

We are glad to help our clients in making the right decisions. Reliability of our work and the quality of the reports are key factors for success in a market with declining margins.

Valuation services most commonly provided to investors, property owners and lending institutions that require an objective assessment of the market value of the property.

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